Welcome to SoloWheel Australia!

Introducing Solowheel! The smallest, greenest, most convenient People Mover ever invented!

Gyroscopic Technology is behind this new self-balancing, electric unicycle that is more compact and fun to ride than any folding, electric bike!

The SoloWheel is truly the simplest form of Urban Environmental Transport available today!

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Latest News

Saturday - April 26, 2014, Solowheel Australia demonstrations have been held in Rockingham, WA and many were able to test ride one for themselves. Select "Buy Now" to see all of the details.

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Monday - April 28, 2014, Demonstration locations & dates/times will be announced shortly.

Be sure to drop by one of our Demonstration's and see just how easy & fun Solowheel is to ride!

Urban Adventures

  • Ideal for Camping & Caravaning
  • Perfect Transport for Inner-city Living
  • Keep Fit while having FUN!
  • All Electric - Environmentally Friendly
  • Cruise @ 10-15kph for up to 2hrs
  • Weighs Less than 11kg
  • Safe & Easy to Use
SoloWheel Displays
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